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Remodel Like a Futurist

One of my Wild Moonshots is living on a lake. We finally bought a lake house-that needed a ton of work! This page contains products I have used to make my Wild Moonshot come true!

Amy Howard Paints

I absolutely love Amy Howard's One Step Paints! They cover oak trim beautifully and make old furniture look like new. Best of all? NO primer needed!

Wet Edge Boat Paint

I refinished a slide, our pontoon and the front door with this stuff-it is amazing! And, I love the colors. Sea Foam made the slide and pontoon so fun to look at and use. Bright yellow is the new color of our front door.

DeWalt Tools

A girl has to have the right tools for the job, and in our case-it is one big job! So, we had to get tough tools with staying power. I really like DeWalt because they are easy to handle, and I can interchange the batteries to get more done!

Age Like a Futurist

Aging is an area that I have been studying and personally experimenting with for quite some time. No one want to look good for "their age" or feel old. Stay tuned for more information on how to age well and embrace those important life transitions!

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